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Stanford-trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Sina Bari MD is a leading medical device and information technology innovator. His knowledge and expertise are well-respected across the industry as a considered voice in the development of Medical Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Bari arrived at his current career via a meandering route. Following his father's death at age 8, he learned computer programming while translating his mother's computer science textbooks into English. By high school, he had learned advanced UNIX networking and developed biological simulation software using early parallel supercomputers. Working in IT helped pay for college and medical school, where Sina excelled academically. Dr. Bari graduated from the top of his class at Stanford School of Medicine and was chosen as one of only three participants in the noted Stanford Hospital and Clinics' accelerated residency program for plastic and reconstructive surgery. He participated in the Stanford Bioinnovation program, developing devices on the market to reduce infection during peritoneal dialysis.

Current Role and Duties

In January 2022, Dr. Bari started as the Senior Director of Medical Artificial Intelligence, or AI, at iMerit Technology. In the preceding three years, Dr. Bari had created and led this division from ideation to the leading company in the space generating over $4M ARR under his direction.

Medical AI is a dynamic field where large-scale datasets harness human intelligence to train computer neural networks. Dr. Bari's work has significantly improved patient access and care in radiology, endoscopy, robotic surgery, drug development, and drug safety.

Improving patient outcomes is a cause Dr. Bari holds dear from his time as a clinician, while the broad impact of Technology fuels his optimism for the future. The intersection of his passions for Technology and medicine has helped him shape best practices to provide high-quality training data more efficiently and accurately.

Career History

Dr. Bari's prior role as chief innovation officer at Evena Medical helped lay the groundwork for his success at iMerit by developing AI products on the Edge for Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology using team management skills initially developed as a surgeon. As CIO, he steered new project innovations and served as a medical expert, helping the sales team develop and coordinate effective sales strategies.

Dr. Sina Bari's first role as a full-time surgeon post-residency was as a reconstructive and plastic surgery surgeon for the Veterans Administration in Palo Alto, California. He then transitioned to private practice as a plastic surgery consultant.

Academic History

Dr. Bari worked through undergraduate and medical school as a web architect. He graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 2000. He then attended the Stanford University School of Medicine and obtained his MD in 2006. From 2006 to 2012, he completed a residency at Stanford in the skin and soft tissue surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

His residency work at Stanford allowed him to reconnect with his love of Technology through the Bioinnovation program, where he worked in medical device development.

Professional Skills and Experience


Sina Bari's professional skills are deep and diverse due to the transitions across his career. This cross-pollination has led to his becoming a deeply sought and trusted voice for medical AI innovation. At iMerit, he leads the development and oversight of the Medical Division from the beginning stages of product development to end-client implementation, leading a team of over 500 team members to ensure objectives are met. In 2022, iMerit's Medical Division, under the leadership of Dr. Sina Bari, was identified as the #1 ranked company for healthcare data services by an independent and unsolicited leading market analysis firm.

Sina Bari MD's approachability with patients extended itself to coordinating partnerships with three of the top five medical device companies globally for furthering their AI initiatives. He holds on to the medical mantra to be amiable, courteous, and available in his professional life. His attention to detail and clear, practical communication skills as a surgeon keep all aspects of his initiatives running smoothly.

Throughout his career, Dr. Sina Bari has maintained a professional presence as a public speaker at national and international conferences and through publishing in medical journals and industry white papers.

His knowledge of regulatory standards and policies has served him well across roles and helps drive the effective development of new medical AI.


Dr. Sina Bari's most noted areas of expertise are his knowledge of data operations, healthcare, medical devices, information technology, healthcare management, medical research, medical regulatory issues, and healthcare information technology.

His medical specialization in plastic surgery includes aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and specific procedures, such as body contouring and breast reconstruction surgery.

Accomplishments and Achievements

Dr. Bari's publications include a March 2017 article, Our Medical Future through the Lens of Smart Glasses, in an industry periodical. Book contributions focused on plastic surgery, such as Scar Prevention Treatment and Revision in Neligan Plastic Surgery: Volume 1 and Overcoming the Learning Curve: A Curriculum-based Model for Teaching Zone II Flexor Tendon Repairs in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery.

Speaking engagement credits are presentations on Getting through the Ground Truth Grind at the 2019 O'Reilly AI Conference, Augmented Reality and Big Data in Medicine at the 2017 Augmented World Expo, and Bringing your Medical AI Projects to Life: Need, Challenge, and Opportunity presented at ODSC 2020.

Dr. Bari was also a top graduate in his class in medical school and was selected for a highly competitive position in the accelerated plastic surgery residency program at Stanford Hospital and Clinics.


Bari has received numerous business leadership awards, Plastic Surgery research awards and was recognized as a Supercomputer Challenge Winner by the National Science Foundation in high school.


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